California is a State when the opportunity to invest comes every day in different ways. When an opportunity arises, you do not have risk all you have saved during your lifetime. Sometimes you just want to invest a portion of your assets and protect yourself from unexpected situation.

You have the opportunity to form a corporation and separate your investment from the rest of your assets.

We understand that filling out a form is not difficult, but the consequences of understanding the legal meaning of that form or the ramifications of not doing it correctly may result in legal consequences We provide startup counseling; formation of corporations, LLC’s and other entities, and preparation of related documentation; founders’ agreements, operating agreements and limited partnership agreements; and help you to develop your company’s policies and guidelines to form a cohesive employee handbook.

The Law Office of Yolanda Flores-Burt can represent you in the formation of your corporation that is at least one thing less to worry about; after all you need to focus your attention in growing your business.